The San Martino Agribusiness is a multi-purpose company in the Mendrisio area, which manages farmlands and viticultural areas, a composting area and a stud of horses for show jumping and breeding.

San Martino Agribusiness: horses, wine and much more!

FIDELGO DU HOUSSOIT - top stallion under the colors of

FIDELGO DU HOUSSOIT - top stallion under the colors of "Stud San MArtino"!

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The San Martino Stud manages trade and breeds sport horses for show jumping.

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We manage the "La Rossa" composting area in Rancate, which gathers green waste from the entire Mendrisio area (municipalities, gardeners, private citizens), so as to make it possible to produce high-quality organic material.

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Winter cleaning

Among its services San Martino also offers snow removal and salt scattering services, carried out thanks to the use of several specialised machines. These services are available for municipalities as well as private citizens.

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We take care of our own property vineyards and manage privately-owned ones. Our wines: the SAN MARTINO MERLOT (red) and the SAN MARTINO CHARDONNAY (white). Since 2002 we have been managing the "Colle degli Ulivi" in Coldrerio, also know as the "little Tuscany of Ticino".

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